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The Shape of the Universe is like a man standing with his arms resting on his waist and with legs spread apart. Essentially, it is made up of three sections called LOKAS. The Upper one is “Urdhva Loka,” the Middle one is “Madhya Loka,” and the Lower one is “Adho Loka.” These three Lokas constitute the whole universe.

The Angels reside in “Urdhva Loka.” It is made up of six levels. The highest form of the Angels resides in the uppermost level. These Angels have highest form of happiness experienced thru senses, but it is still time bound! At the end of their lifespan they have to abandon this temporary happiness and go to the next life form as per the Karmic account earned in the last human life! The very life of Angels gets resulted out of obliging living in the human form wherein one passes over his happiness to others. The levels of the Angles are decided based on the intensity of the positive inner feelings, while helping others, in the human form.

All the Liberated Souls reside in the SIDDHA KSHETRA, immediately above this uppermost level of Angels. Lord Rama, Lord Mahavira had reached the Absolute state of Omni-Knowing and Omni-Seeing and were Liberated as Independent Pure Souls, thus attained Nirvana! Such free liberated Pure Souls resides in SIDDHA KSHETRA. The unfortunate part of this highest form of Angels is, even though they are very close to SIDDHA KSHETRA, they cannot reach and experience the Eternal Bliss of the Siddhas! In fact, they have to go through the rigorous process of Self-cleansing in the human form, that being the only Jumping board to reach the Blissful state of the Siddhas (i.e. Moksa, the final freedom, is only possible from the human life). All the other life forms are merely places of suffering of either pain or happiness (i.e. merely discharging of Karmas accumulated in human forms).

The Lower section i.e. “Adho Loka” is of Hell and it is the place of uninterrupted intense suffering of pain. There are seven levels of Hell. The uppermost (the first level) has the minimum suffering and the bottommost (the seventh level) has the maximum suffering. Nevertheless, the tenure in the Hell is also limited to the extent of the discharging those specific types of Karmas, so one comes back to human form to earn afresh. Herein lies the importance of the quality of human life.

The Middle one is the place for humans, animals and plants. Animal and plant life is also of negative suffering. Now, it is only in the human form that one has a fully developed mind and fully developed intellect and thus has the rare opportunity of balancing the entire positive and negative karmic forces, ultimately by clearing all the karmas, the new [Subtle] Causal body doesn’t get formed resulting in Moksha i.e. the Moksha is experienced in the living Human body, which is the prerequisite to the final Moksha. Essentially, Human body is basically made up of three changing parts viz. the outer Physical or ‘Effective body;’ inner subtle or ‘Causal body,’ that is responsible for giving birth in the next life and lastly, the ‘Electrical body’ that assists all kind of movements and the permanent or the immortal part is the “Soul!” At the end of the life span, the ‘Effective body’ of such Liberated Souls is left behind, and the last rituals are performed by the Angels [whereas, during normal worldly death, other earthly people perform its last rituals.] Now, the Soul that leaves such a body, the ‘Electrical body’ takes the Soul to SIDDHA KSHETRA in just one moment! There being no ‘Causal body,’ to be born again!

In the SIDDHA KSHETRA, the Liberated Soul lives Eternally. Being devoid of body, it experiences the Eternal Bliss, Absolute “Seeing” and “Knowing” Powers with a vast amount of other Pure Soul qualities open including the Absolute Experience of Total Independence and Final Freedom (Moksha!) Ultimately, wandering in the rest of the four life forms come to an end! This is how one attains NIRVANA!

In the Middle section, there are fifteen worlds (lands) where human, plants and animals exist. Of these fifteen worlds (lands), five are geographically located all along the axis such that the universal time remains constant forever in its third slot called “DWAPAR”! While in the other ten lands, the universal time changes cyclically from “SATYUGA,” “TRETA,” “DWAPAR,” and “KALIYUGA” with SATYUGA as the bright time of maximum happiness and KALIYUGA as the dark time of maximum suffering! If we superimpose the “Time Cycle” on a clock, then 12 O’clock [hour arm] is the time of peak happiness i.e. “SATYUGA” and 6 O’ clock is the time of peak suffering i.e. “KALIYUGA.” Each half is made up of four variable time slots and is mirror image of the other with the descending half of decreasing happiness and ascending half of increasing happiness. Here, we are going to concentrate only on the last two time slots i.e. “DWAPAR” and the “KALIYUGA.” The other time slots of “SATYUGA” & “TRETA” are such that during these periods human forms naturally get their desires fulfilled through 10 types of desire fulfilling trees called “KALPAVRUKSHA!” These “KALPAVRUKSHA” have got evolved naturally from humanity only!!!

The “DWAPAR” is the best time slot where in humans have a perfect alignment of Mind, Speech and Body, that is vital for attaining Moksha! And it is in this period that there appear 63 [sixty three] eminent figures with exclusive qualities in human form on the 10 lands of 5-Bharat and 5-Airavat Kshetras each. They are …
24. “Tirthankara” also called as Living Absolutes;
12. “Chakravarti” are Singular Kings ruling all the six continents;
09. “Vasudeva” are Single individual in whom all the divine Godly qualities of all the humans open; they appear in the absence of the Chakravarti kings;
09. “Prati Vasudeva” are opposite of “Vasudeva” and are with demonic qualities! Otherwise, they are eminent scientists of extremely high caliber. “Vasudeva” and “Prati Vasudeva” both end-up clashing with each other generating new historical occurrences;
09. “Balbhadra” are brother of “Vasudeva” [same father but has a different mother] they have immense love for each other much more than real brothers!

The first Tirthankara of this descending half cycle on our land of ‘Bharat Kshetra’ was Lord Rushabhdeva and the 24th was Lord Mahavira. The first Chakravarti was King Bharat, son of Lord Rushabhdeva. Marichi, son of King Bharat in his later life becomes the first Vasudeva called Triprushta Narayana. Further, he turns out to be the 24th Tirthankara, Lord Mahavira! The eighth Vasudeva was Laxmanji, brother of Lord Rama whereas the last one i.e. the ninth Vasudeva was Lord Krishna. Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana about 2600 years back. Since then, the fourth slot of time period, Kaliyuga had started. Lord Krishna came on this land around 5000 years back. In this respect, Lord Rama came on this land around 10,000 years back. All of them were truly great historical figures worth knowing and not merely as characters of mythology!!!

The “KALIYUGA”, on this land of Bharat Kshetra, had started with the Nirvana of the 24th Tirthankara, Lord Mahavira, with the total span of 42,000 years. At present, 2600 years have passed, from the first 21,000 years half of the Kaliyuga. The second half, which is also of 21,000 years, would be very severe and of dark nature, in that, there wouldn’t be any kind of religion, whatsoever. Even the humankind would be weird looking dwarfs of one and half feet height with life span of merely 12 to 15 years!

The ascending half would then start, which would be a mirror image of this descending half cycle. So, after almost 81,500 years, the first Tirthankara [Lord Padmanabha] of the next ascending half cycle would appear and then once again attaining Moksha would be possible from our land of Bharat Kshetra!The rule in the rest of the four Bharat Kshetras and all the five “AIRAVAT KSHETRAS” remains the same, however, in the five “Mahavideha Kshetra”, a minimum of 20 Tirthankaras exist forever with four in each land. Each “Mahavideha Kshetra” is of 32 “Vijay” size [dimension], whereas each “Bharat Kshetra” and “Airavat Kshetra” are of one “Vijay” size. The rule is each “Vijay” can have one Tirthankara so, in good times each Kshetra would have its maximum number of Tirthankaras making it 170 in the whole Universe! At present, there exists 20 Tirthankaras with four in each “Mahavideha Kshetra.”

We now refer to the “Mahavideha Kshetra” that is near the “Bharat Kshetra” where we reside. Presently, there are four Tirthankaras on this land. Of those four Tirthankaras, we are only going to talk about Shree Simandhar Swami. He is the Living Absolute now residing in this Mahavideha Kshetra. In one of His previous lives, He was on our Bharat Kshetra! And due to that linkage (Runanubandh or Karmic connection), He has a subtle connection with the people of our land. Since the remaining of the 81,500 years is going to be dark in Bharat Kshetra, any aspirant seeking liberation can only do so if he or she takes birth in Mahavideha Kshetra.

As discussed previously, here in Bharat Kshetra after the Nirvana of Lord Mahavira the Sun has set (meaning the Kaliyuga has begun) and therefore nobody can attain completeness i.e. become Absolute and attain Nirvana. This time of Kaliyuga is very dark with pain and suffering only. Furthermore, due to lack of unity of mind-speech–body, the traditional path of Liberation that is based on self-denial and penance is no longer effective to progress spiritually. Despite to that, some may try desperately following the Traditional Path, but would fail miserably because the Traditional path is solely based on doer-ship of performing rituals, in which one either uses his mind or speech or body or any combination of these three or all the three together! And since the instruments and the methods being used is ‘Relative’ and temporary, the end results achieved are also temporary, while we are seeking permanent Happiness i.e. Bliss! The outcome is either we are worrying i.e. hurting ourselves or trying to prove our might by fighting and hurting others! The worrying part results in being born in Plants or animals, whereas the aggressive dealings result in being born in hell. In today’s times, due to lack of the unity of mind-speech-body, spiritual following based on activities doesn’t eradicate these negative effects For example, we may meditate, worship god by chanting religious hymns, perform yoga, go to pilgrimage, visit historical places of worship, however due to lack of unity of our mind-speech-body, all the efforts fail to eradicate these negative effects. As per the scriptures in Kaliyuga, with the absence of Tirthankara, Direct Vision of God is not possible. Only at the end of this dark period of 81,500 years, the Tirthankara would reappear and then such a Direct Vision of God would be available!

However, merely out of exception, the Absolute Light of Pure Soul has opened as “Dada Bhagavan” within Param Pujya Shri A.M. Patel of Gujarat, India. Consequently, He became instrumental in opening the same Divine Light of the Pure Soul in tens of thousands of ardent seekers through the same VITRAG VIGNAN, which Tirthankaras experienced in their Absolute state but here it was merely through the Divine Grace as the Step-less Path of “AKRAM VIGNAN” leading to the same state of Blissful Living, giving them the Direct Vision of the Inner God, Pure Soul and outside He gave a perfect method of eradicating the negative karmic effects, finally leading them to Liberation i.e. Nirvana in a matter of 2 to 3 lives [with a maximum of 15 lives, that too out of far exception]. So, because of the manifestation of “Vitrag Dada Bhagavan” it is now possible to achieve a perfect beginning even in this burning Kaliyuga. However, as Dada said for Himself, “When I couldn’t completely digest the Experience, how would you digest! It couldn’t be digested fully because of the incapable state of our mind-speech-body on account of the bad time of Kaliyuga!” Dada added further, “But, by ‘Observing’ Me [the Fully Enlightened soul, Gyani Purush] you can definitely achieve the state of “Absolute Vision,” which I have attained in this very life and finally for the completion, you would need to be born in Mahavideha Kshetra, to have the Divine Sight of Living Absolute Shree Simandhar Swami, where, by ‘Observing’ His complete Experience of Pure Soul State of “Absolute Knowledge” our last layer of ignorance would shed naturally, thereby unveiling our own Experience of Pure Soul State of “Absolute Knowledge!” Our journey would then end forever! And that is why today’s saying goes as …


Only a Living Enlightened Soul can open our Inner Divine Vision of Pure Soul through His Exceptional Experienced State of Causal Omni-Knowing and Effective Omni-Seeing! And thus He is the one who can perfectly ‘Initiate’ us towards VITRAG VIGNAN i.e. Self-Realization!

Initially, even Dada Bhagavan had tried giving the same Traditional path of self-denial and penance to the people who came to Him. But He saw that even while listening to His Most Enlightening Experienced Words, at times they would get lost. Dada wondered why this was happening? However, on enquiring, He found that they had lot of tensions and worries, which was driving their attention from Him. Dada knew that with such an inner state they wouldn’t progress at all. So, to seek solution to this problem, Dada went along with Kanudadaji and Chandrakantbhai to Vadwa, an outskirt of Khambhat, in the coastal city of Gujarat, where He meditated for one full hour in an old temple of Lord Rushabhdeva. Dada Bhagavan used to say that, “This may be an idol or a statue of Lord Rushabhdeva for others but for us, He is the same Living Lord Rushabhdeva! This is because we have come as a link from Lord Rushabhdeva!!!” He described the situation to the Lord and finally He was blessed with the same VITRAG VIGNAN as “AKRAM VIGNAN” - THE STEP-LESS PATH TO BLISSFUL LIVING, which the Lord had given to His son King Bharat during His time! King Bharat was the first Chakravarti of this half cycle. It was due to this “AKRAM VIGNAN” that King Bharat, without renunciation [i.e. without self-denial and penance] even while performing his most trying Kingly responsibilities, attained the “Absolute State of Knowledge and Vision” and ultimately attained Nirvana in the same life! This was how the exceptional path of “AKRAM VIGNAN” opened in Dada Bhagavan. Dada used to say that with the principle of “AKRAM VIGNAN” one can amicably settle all his karmic accounts with the relations over here i.e. in Bharat Kshetra in this life itself and with the kind of worship of Living Absolute Shree Simandhar Swami through the medium of “Dada Bhagavan,” one acquires the unity of Mind, Speech, Body thus one naturally gets connected to the Mahavideha Kshetra! So, at the end of the life span over here in Bharat Kshetra, one would be born in Mahavideha Kshetra in the next life itself and from there, on having the Divine sight of Shree Simandhar Swami one would attain the Absolute state of Omni-Knowing and Omni-Seeing thus attaining Nirvana in that life itself! However, if there is any slackness in one’s efforts in following Dada’s Directions [Aagnas], karmic accounts gets extended and due to that one gets 2 or 3 higher Human and Angelic lives and then finally on settling all the accounts of Bharat Kshetra, one gets liberated through the Divine sight of Shree Simandhar Swami in the Mahavideha Kshetra!

So, in summary, nobody can attain Nirvana over here in Bharat Kshetra in this very life. But, through the exceptional presence of the Enlightened Soul “Vitrag Dada Bhagavan” and now through His Live Extension of Your Holiness Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji, one gets the same Inner Divine Vision, thereby starts settling his karmic accounts on this land, simultaneously generating a perfect connection with the Living Absolute Shree Simandhar Swami in Mahavideha Kshetra, through His worship as shown by “Vitrag Dada Bhagavan.” Consequently, in a matter of 1 or 2 or 3 higher forms of Human and/or Angelic lives, one would finally be born in Mahavideha Kshetra where on having the Divine Sight of Shree Simandhar Swami, one would attain the Absolute state of Omni-Knowing and Omni-Seeing and finally attain Nirvana in that life!!!

Historical background of Living Absolute Shree Simandhar Swami
Approximately 120 million miles away in the North of our land of Bharat Kshetra in Jambudweep [the inner aggregate of the three lands of one each Bharat Kshetra, Mahavideha Kshetra and Airavat Kshetra] there begins the Mahavideha Kshetra. It is made up of 32 Vijay [scriptural unit of land like how we have square miles] size. The 8th Vijay is “Pushkalavati” in the North-East direction of our Bharat Kshetra, with the capital city of “Pundarikgiri.” Now, it was during the wonderful time between Nirvana of Lord Kunthunath Swami, the 17th Tirthankara, and before the birth of the 18th Tirthankara, Lord Arahanath Swami of our Bharat Kshetra in this half cycle that “Pundarikgiri” was ruled by an eminent king called Maharaja Shreyance. He was a brave, caring and of balance judgment. He had a beautiful, virtuous and loyal queen called Maharani Satyaki.

Once during the nightfall, while the queen was half awake, she saw fourteen dreams. Right away, in the morning, she informed her husband regarding the dreams. Upon hearing about the dreams, the king was thoroughly impressed. Immediately, he called eminent dream evaluators of his kingdom. These evaluators made elaborate calculations and finally gave their judgment that the queen is going to bear a child who would be a Tirthankara, savior of all, a Living Absolute! On learning this, the king was extremely happy. The king presented the evaluators with valuable gifts. Eventually, the queen gave birth to an exceptionally beautiful baby boy, with uniquely wonderful features, and with the sign of a bull! As per the moon calendar the baby God was born on the waning 10th day in the month of “Chaitra.” His birth was gloriously celebrated by all the Angels of the Heaven. Melodious music was also played in the sky. Normally, life in hell is full of uninterrupted suffering, but even they experienced an unusual wave of happiness for a while!!! For a moment, the throne of the highest Angel, “Indra” also trembled indicating that somebody who is much more powerful than Him has been born! But when He learnt that the highest form of human is born who would be the savior of all, Lord Indra along with all the other Angels, came rushing to Revere the baby Lord! The Lord, who was born with three types of [Gyan] Knowledge viz. Shruta Gyan – Words of Wisdom, Mati Gyan – Divine Perception, and Aavdhi Gyan – Clairvoyance was named as Shree Simandhar! Immediately, after His birth the king and his people miraculously prospered. The baby Lord gradually grew into his youth and soon attained the height of 500 bows! This is the normal heights of humans while in the time slot of ‘DWAPAR,’ both in Mahavideha Kshetra and also in our Bharat Kshetra. Now, whatever His loving parents taught, He grasped it all very well. He was totally free from worldly desires, yet He bent to the requests of His parents and close associates and finally the Lord got married to princess Rukmani. While dispensing the responsibilities that came to His share, He was always very keen in becoming instrumental in freeing humankind from perpetual bondage of life after death so that they can attain Liberation! It was the time between 20th Tirthankara, Lord Munisuvrat Swami and before the birth of 21st Tirthankara, Lord Neminath Swami when king Dasrath was ruling Ayodhya on our land, and before the birth of Lord Rama that Shree Simandhar Swami, to fulfill this divine dream of Real Welfare of humankind, renounced the world on the waxing 3rd day of month “Fagun” as per the moon calendar, Immediately, there opened the 4th kind of Knowledge “Munparyay Gyan” opened within Him and He could see every aspect of His thought process thus He started correcting subtle thought related mistakes. On eliminating all the four types of destructive (Ghaati) karmas viz. Knowledge restricting, Vision (right-belief) restricting, Bliss restricting and Obstructive karma, the 5th knowledge i.e. Absolute Knowledge or Omniscience, also opened in Him on the waxing 13th day of Chaitra month of moon calendar. Immediately, on attaining Absolute Knowledge Four-facet spiritual organization of hermit-hermitess-man-woman was formed. Millions of people were liberated through Him. Simply by His Divine Sight people started getting liberated. Of course, those who are previously initiated by Fully Enlightened Souls, they recognize and perceive the Absolute state of the Lord thus opening their own Absolute State!! This is exactly as per the cardinal principle of “Learning through Observation” – “As You See So You Learn!

Living Absolute Shree Simandhar Swami has a very long lifespan of 300,000yrs. Of those 300,000yrs around 175,000yrs have passed with 125,000yrs still remaining! After the Nirvana of the 7th Tirthankara, Shree Uday Swami and before the birth of 8th Tirthankara, Shree Pedhar Swami in the next ascending half cycle, Shree Simandhar Swami along with other 19 Tirthankaras would attain Nirvana! So, with His long life span and His subtle connection with our land of Bharat Kshetra, along with our close association with Your Holiness Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji, merely as the Living extension of “Vitrag Dada Bhagavan” who has direst connection with Shree Simandhar Swami, and His VITRAG VIGNAN through the step-less path of AKRAM VIGNAN, we would remain absolutely safe on the path of Blissful Living leading to Ultimate Liberation i.e. NIRVANA!!!

Jai Sachchidanand!